With a 12 month plan we can reach this numbers.


With a 12 month plan we can reach this numbers.


With a 12 month plan we can reach this numbers.


With a 12 month plan we can reach this numbers.



The Goal

F45 Stratford came to us because they wanted help reaching their 200 members goal. After a bad experience with a previous agency they wanted to make sure that we weren't going to overpromise results and that we'd all be working together as a team with plenty of communication and transparency.

The Strategy

The strategy was simple, we'd target people in the local area with mouth watering offers that led them to a custom-built landing page where they would submit their details and then get followed up by the F45 Stratford sales team. We stressed the importance of immediate follow up on multiple channels.

The Audience Targeting:

We uploaded a file to Facebook of all of F45 Stratford's previous and existing members so that the algorithm could use that data to go and find more people in the local area of a similar demographic. This is called a 'lookalike audience' and it's a SUPER powerful tool for local businesses. F45 membership is expensive, so without a lookalike audience we may have found it difficult to generate leads who were comfortable with a premium price point.

The Ads

For the Ads themselves we used close up images of people working out in the studio and highlighted the diverse mix of ages, body shapes and ethnicities that train at the gym to show how inclusive and welcoming the F45 Stratford community is. This was extremely important because there are some negative connotations attached to F45 where people think it's only for super athletic Instagram influencers. For the Ad copy we called out people in East London so our audience knew exactly who we were talking to and we stressed the limited places on the trials available so that people would take action immediately.

The Results

Throughout the course of the year we generated F45 Stratford 1,700 leads across their 1 week trial, 2 week trial and 8 Week Challenge. Those 1,700 leads equated to £36,000 worth of new business revenue from £13,200 worth of Ad Spend and management fees. That's an ROI of over 172%. We know that this wouldn't have been possible if we didn't work as a team. F45 Stratford allowed us to take the lead on strategy and were flexible on their price points and offers depending on how well a campaign was performing.